How to get relief from diabetes forever {permanent treatment}

Diabetes is the dangerous disease. In Diabetes sugar levels is rapidly growing and if you do not control it then it will risk happening other disease like heart attack and other all type of weakness. But don’t worry here I want to tell you How to get relief from diabetes forever? and if you are reading this then don’t take tension. Also visit my previous article how to remove hair from hands and legs naturally and permanently. Here I want to tell you very simple home remedy that will give you relief from diabetes. 

Here I have simple home remedy for you that will works very well. You need to get some things. So read carefully below tutorial.

How to get relief from diabetes forever {permanent treatment}

How to get relief from diabetes forever 

Symptoms of diabetes

Today people afflicted from diabetes even kids. So this is the not good for humans and if you want to relief then doctor say to take insulin injection regularly and eat the allopathic tablet regularly if you want to control your sugar.  But you know if you take that tablet for long time then it will effect on your kidney and lever. Here are the symptoms of diabetes.
  •         Blur in eyes and weakness in eyes
  •         Constant hunger
  •         Frequent urination.
  •         Frequent Thirst.
  •         Early fatigue.
  •         Wound not fill early.
  •         Weight loss.
So these are the symptoms of diabetes if you have these types of symptoms then immediately check your sugar. After you tested your blood and you have diabetes then immediately start this treatment that I listed below.

Made Nigella seeds mixed juice

How to get relief from diabetes forever {permanent treatment}

Nigella seeds medicine which has quality to give relief in all types of disease except death.  So here you need to make juice so keep your mind here to understand better. 

 Barley:- 100 gram
Nigella seeds:- 100 gram
Wheat flour:- 100 gram
Gum of trees:- 100 gram
Water : - 6 cups  

First you need to take a boiler and add above listed all items and boil it for 15 minutes then take it down and Fill in the bottle after it has cooled.
   How to take nigella seeds juice: - take daily 1 cup in early morning empty stomach up to seven days. Then in the next week you need to take it except one day. Then check you sugar when your sugar level completed then stop it. 

Other home remedies to get relief in diabetes

Here are some tips to get relief from diabetes:
Drink more waters every day you need to drink everyday more than eight glasses. 

Take one glass water and add some lemon juice in it then drink it in morning every day.

Eat daily Berries seed powder two times in a day. 

Drink one spoon Nigella seeds oil every day. And follow healthy diet plan of diabetes patient.

Do not eat all at a time but eat somewhat every two hours or three hours. And do not drink water immediately after eating anything.  

Not takes sugar and also potatoes and rice. Avoid it. You can eat fruits because fruits and green vegetables are healthy for diabetes patient. 

try this remedies daily so you will get relief easily and if sugar will increase then again try this remedies again. because these home remedies do not have any side effect.


Anyway if you try this then your disease of diabetes is gone within some time. So I hope you get the answer of How to get relief from diabetes forever? And these are the home remedies so you can apply it without be scared.

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