22 Benefits Of Lemon, You Can't Ignore These Magical Benefits

Lemon is fruit which Using people everyday. and in this world you can  see many types of lemon. and you know lemon is available full year.it is also useful for cleanliness in home. so that's all means lemon is very useful for every things. anyway friends here i have shared Top best benefits of lemon. so read it.

22 Top best Benefits of Lemon

Benefits of Lemon
  1.  if you use lemon to fresh your mouth, your mouth's bad smell will gone. 
  2. use lemon in salad because salad become a more testy by lemon and also your salad will not wastage early. 
  3. if you use lemon regularly then you will get more powerful Immune system in short time. 
  4. use lemon with honey in little warmed water at morning then you will lost your weight and also it is reduce your stomach. 
  5. use lemon in hair because it is best dandruff removal treatment. 
  6. you can also clean your head and hair by lemon. 
  7. if you want to thick hair then lemon is the best treatment for you. 
  8. lemon is beneficial in gas and acidity and any type of stomach disease. 
  9. you can also clean teeth by lemon and it is help to make white teeth. 
  10. you can easily remove stain on clothes by lemon. 
  11. you can complete Vitamin C deficiency by lemon. acne
  12. Lemon is also beneficial in flu. and also in coughs, colds just use it with turmeric and salt and warm up it.
  13. In little warm water add some drops of lemon and then drink it slowly. hiccup will gone easily.
  14. take 2 spoon honey and 2 spoon lemon juice and mix it. and drink it in warm water then you will get relief in any type of stomach pain and gas acidity. 
  15. Sore throat is the also bad disease and lemon give you relief in this disease. 
  16. if you will use lemon regularly then your blood will be clean. 
  17. rub lemon on your face slowly for 30 minute and you will get clean and fresh skin. 
  18. rub lemon under the eye and then dark circle will be gone.
  19. drink lemon with water in morning then you will get energy for full day.
  20. one glass water with lemon is the best remedy for those who feel hungry frequently also for longing.
  21.  one glass water with lemon and sugar give you relief in Blood pressure , dizziness and headache. 
  22.  lemon useful for Cleaning of utensils .